Telly fame Srishty Rode expresses anger for not receiving her ‘hard-earned payscale’ of her upcoming project

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and the pretty actress Srishty Rode was recently seen travelling to Jaipur for a shoot but it seems like that experience has ended on a bitter note.

Srishty took to her social media handle to tweet, “As actors, we offer services, which are paid for after we shoot. But then is it right to make someone chase you for your hard-earned money? Distraught and disheartened! I hate being treated poorly after having worked hard, if it’s my money, I should be paid! #StopCheatingPeople”.

Now, Srishty is someone who has always stayed away from controversies and that’s why we were left wondering what the actress is speaking about.

When our sources reached out to her for deets, she said, “The tweet was for a film project I had shot for last year which I still haven’t gotten paid for. My messages, calls etc are being ignored and I really hate chasing people. It’s not right! Many times actors have to go through CINTAA or take legal action but honestly, it’s not fair. As an actor, if I diligently perform and do my work, then it’s the other party’s responsibility to clear my payments.”.

Beyond that, the actress refused to divulge too many details but many actors in the past have faced such issues and in fact this year all the more. Many actors are in a lot of distress as their payments have gotten stuck.