Influencer Shayan Siddiqui to be seen in India’s first cruise reality show named Crusified

Fitness Influencer Shayan Siddiqui , a social media star who has gained massive popularity for his fashion modeling, fitness photo blogging, and lip-syncs. He will be soon seen in India’s first cruise reality show named Crusified.

On talking about the show Shayan shares,”It is the first Indian tv show to be shot on the cruise. The show is all about how smart you are how good you can be in performing different task given to you. It was shooted in South America. We went to places like Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil. We shot 7 days on a moving cruise & few more days on the land. It has a cash price of 25 lacs.”

On talking about his experience in the show and with co contestants, “My experience was something which I’ll always remember far away from the house with no one you know. It was my first time on the cruise so the experience was amazing. And also I am the winner for this show which isn’t aired yet. It is in the edits and hopefully hoping the show gets aired asap. The production team is looking forward to air on Mtv .

Previously, he was seen in music video ‘The Chamiya Song’ by DJ Bravo and ‘Let it go’ by Badshah.