Bigg Boss 14: Has Rahul Vaidya broken all ties with Nikki?

Rahul and Nikki are both very strong contestants of the BB house and share a great bond of friendship. We have seen in the past that when Rahul had a big clash with Jasmin, it was Nikki who supported and stood by him.

The two were pretty good friends until the nomination task happened, where Rahul was nominated due to Nikki’s cheap tricks, which led to a crack in their friendship.

In the nomination task, Nikki took the oxygen mask and kept it inside her pants. Rahul couldn’t even fight for it. The singer broke down as it wasn’t fair play. After that, he told Nikki that she is very cheap.

Rahul has not been talking to Nikki since and seems like he has broken all ties with her. Nikki tried speaking to him, but he ignored her.

Nikki did feel bad and uncomfortable and told him that she is really feeling sad that he is not talking to her at all, to which Rahul said that he doesn’t want to talk and have any relation with her.

Well, this is a very common thing in the Bigg Boss house, where during the tasks, friendships get affected and go for a toss.

It will be interesting to see whether Nikki and Rahul will be able rebuild the friendship.

What do you think? Will they patch up or part ways?

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