Bigg Boss 13 fame Mahira Sharma talks about her journey in the television industry

Mahira Sharma is one of the most popular television actresses. She has been part of several projects like Naagin 3, Kundali Bhagya, Bepanah Pyaarr, among others. She was also seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss 13. She had quite an eventful journey in the house.

The actress bagged many new projects after coming out of the show and is seen in several music videos. The 23-year-old actress turned a new leaf post the show and her life changed completely after BB 13. In a recent interview, she spoke about her journey in the television industry and much more.

When asked how has been her journey towards becoming an actor, she said, “There has been a lot of struggle and I feel really proud that I did not take anyone’s help to build my career. If I wanted I could have taken people’s help to get things working but I didn’t. Whatever I have achieved in my career so far I have got it on my own. I have desired these things in life and I have achieved them. I have worked really hard to get here. I was offered Bigg Boss for the last three years but I refused because I felt I wasn’t prepared for it. People told me, you are very young you shouldn’t do the show but I was determined to do it. I am very choosy about work. I only take up projects which I feel I will be able to do and people will like it. So, I have worked really hard.”

Further, she was asked if she felt a little disappointed that after a successful season like Bigg Boss 13, the contestants like her had to sit home because of the lockdown. To this, Mahira said, “It was a very difficult time because for five months we were inside the Bigg Boss 13 house and then due to the lockdown we had to be inside our real homes. We did not get to experience the immediate response or the love and adulation we got from the fans for our journeys inside the house. I was not used to sitting at home but due to the pandemic I had no other option but to go inside the house.”

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