Are Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 actors Harsh Nagar and Sneha Jain the latest popular on-screen couple in the making on Television?

While Saath Nibhana Saathiya was a one of a kind show and the audience was in love with the fictional drama and characters of Ahem. Gopi and Kokila Modi, the makers soon planned to roll out a season 2.

This season has the earlier characters make their way into the main story centering around Anant and Gehna enacted by Harsh Nagar and Sneha Jain. The two actors are talented and they showcase a wonderful chemistry on television. The show currently features Anant planning a marriage with Radhika while he has taken the responsibility to get Gehna married and has also searched for a suitable groom for her. However, they do have a romantic angle and it will be exciting to see how the story turns around showcasing them as a couple.

Well, Harsh took to social media to share some fan edits of the two and we must say, it is a visual delight!

Take a look:

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