After her role as Tulsi, Heena Parmar brings home the Tulsi Plant

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Vighnaharta Ganesh has been successful in keeping the audience glued to their TV screens over its run of 3 years. The show has been a pioneer in depicting various mythological stories and at present, audience can see the life tale of Tulsi. Show will depict how Krishna Bhakt Tulsi had upset lord Ganesha and was cursed to be married to a Asur in her next birth, post which she was born as the Tulsi plant which has medicinal powers. Actress Heena Parmar who essays the role of Tulsi in the show was so much inspired by the track that post her shoot she herself decided to plant a Tulsi in her house.

Heena had always heard about the benefits of Tulsi and had also consumed it before. She was aware about the aids of the plant but never had a chance to know about the story of Tulsi. She considers herself lucky to have got a chance to essay this role in Vighnaharta Ganesh. She not only came to know the tales about various births of Tulsi but also developed more faith on the health benefits of Tulsi. The story inspired her so much that after she finished shooting for the show in Aamgaon and returned to her home in Mumbai, the first thing she did was plant a Tulsi in her house.

Heena said, “I had always known about the value of Tulsi as a medicinal plant but never got a chance to dive deep in the story behind Tulsi plant. While shooting for Vighnaharta Ganesh, I learned a lot about the benefits of Tulsi and also the story why Tulsi got the medicinal powers. Though, we had a Tulsi plant back in my hometown, I didn’t have one in my house in Mumbai. Therefore, after returning from the shoot, the first thing I did was to visit a nursery an bring a Tulsi plant home.”