Actress Donal Bisht on her family being her strongest support system and more

Actress Donal Bisht who has evolved with time and has always made a deliberate effort of not fitting into any given type. Right from making some crucial decisions to making her big debut in the web space, this girl is going places through her sheer dedication towards work and unbeatable talent.

Moreover, Donal who has a very small knitted group of people around her reveals that one person to share things whenever there’s anything wrong going on in her life. She reveals “It’s my mother, absolutely! So, like I have always said, good news or bad news, the guidance needs to be there. This industry is as such, that one needs to share so they don’t feel alone. So one can move in the right direction without getting deviated or let down. That’s why family is so important because they know how to cheer you up when you’re down. So, my family is my go-to whenever there is any kind of news”

On the work front, Donal will soon be seen in her upcoming two digital shows. The shows are titled ‘The Socho Project’ and ‘In Cold Blood’ respectively. Donal will be seen playing two completely contrast characters in the same.